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All about Tuition

Tuition can help you to learn the basic skills or can enhance and upgrade the skills you already have.

We can help the beginner or the experienced shot to develop. If you want to shoot better come and see us.

All about the Coach

Nigel is an experienced competition shot and has shot for Wales for many years, he has 65 caps to his belt. He has also been a member of TEAM GB and has 7 caps. He has won 3 team Gold medals and 1 Silver and 1 Bronze in FITASC Sporting and 1 Team Gold medal in COMPAK.

Who do we coach ?

Beginners to County Team to Welsh and English Team in Sporting and FITASC. TEAM GB in FITASC Sporting and FITASC Compak .

2024 Prices

One and a half hours to include all clays on a one to one instructor basis is £65.

One  and a half hours to include all clays on a one to two basis is £75.

The initial lesson includes a consultation, gun fit check, and then a selection of targets with guidance and advice on technique and approach which you will then be able to put into practice where ever you go.

We do have a ShotKam for futher analysis,which will give video footage of where you are shooting in relation to the clays.

This is an enhancement to the manual method which comprises of 95% of your Tuition.

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